Why proactive security inspections are a winning solution

Oct 19, 2022

Why proactive security inspections are a winning solution

How often are external devices joining your OT network? Think about the service vendors that connect laptops to your machines, HMIs and PLCs for maintenance. Consider when new machines are added to the factory floor. What about employees connecting their personal devices?

Cyberattacks can intrude industrial control systems (ICS) by exploiting a trusted party’s ability to introduce threats—often unbeknownst to the trusted party.

There are also inside threats, such as employee negligence or malice. Additionally, supply-chain attacks can be set off by malware hidden in a new asset that’s brought onto the OT network. These supply-chain attacks can impact thousands of companies overnight!

“Never trust, always verify”

That’s why it’s important to have a security inspection for any technology entering your facility. But don’t stress! What seems like a colossal process and operational change is quite simple for any size organization with TXOne Networks’ Portable Security 3 (TMPS3).


Take oil and gas offshore rigs for example. By having a few Portable Security 3 devices at each site, every subcontractor’s laptop can be scanned within minutes prior to joining the network on any of the rigs. The TMPS3 Pro also helps securely transport files into the environment.

The USB form factor makes it easy to configure and operate—even for those without cybersecurity expertise. This allows all worksites to have set, efficient procedures for not just third-party devices entering the environment, but also for routine scans of all current assets.

Detection is great, but then what?

Alternative air-gapped and standalone ICS inspection tools only detect malware; Portable Security 3, however, detects and removes malware. All of this is done without any software agent being installed on the device to prevent operational impacts. The scan runs within the device’s operating system (OS), compared to other solutions, which only boot scan before the device is up and running.

These key functions within TMPS3 allow organizations to perform on-demand malware scans whenever and wherever needed, without rebooting and impacting device performance.

2-for-1: Build an OT asset inventory at the same time

To eliminate the “Shadow OT” machines present in many organizations, asset information is collected during every scan and sent to the central management console where it is reviewed and archived. All TMPS3 scans are centrally logged for asset inventory, easy reference, and regulation compliance.

It’s a winning solution

Merit Awards, 2022It’s true! TXOne Networks is proud to be the Bronze Award winner for the 2022 Merit Awards for Technology in the Cybersecurity category with TMPS3. Not to mention the other prestigious accolades for its simplistic, yet innovative approach:





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