OT Defense Console

Centralized Oversight for Up to 1,000 Network Segments

TXOne OT Defense Console: Centralized Oversight for Up to 1,000 Network Segments

Centralized Continuous Monitoring of OT Cyber Threats with Secure, Distributed Industrial Network Support for Uninterrupted Production Line Operation

Organize Your Info with the ODC Dashboard

The dashboard of OT Defense Console gives you a comprehensive, consolidated overview. This is organized into alerts, assets, and incident events, allowing you to directly monitor the security of your enterprise’s industrial control system.

Gain an Overhead View of Your Cyber Situation

Clear visibility is crucial for strong ICS security. ODC provides clear visibility of all installed ICS assets in the OT environment, including how they’re connected, giving users clear vision into the shadow OT environment.

Easily Manage a Vast Amount of Network Nodes

TXOne ODC reduces time spent maintaining all deployed EdgeIPS and EdgeFire devices in your different facilities. Users can perform all node maintenance tasks remotely from ODC.

IPS and Policy Enforcement by Group

ODC uses powerful, signature-based virtual patching to protect the OT network from known threats.

OT Protocol Trust Listing by Group

ODC gives administrators the ability to edit the OT protocol trust list to enable interactive interoperability between key production machine assets, as well as to deeply analyze L2-L7 networks by node group.

Virtual ODC is Ready for Your Hardware

Virtual ODC manages a maximum number of nodes depending on system resources, based on resource checks it makes when a node license is activated.

Convenient Pattern and Firmware Updates

Pattern and firmware updates for EdgeIPS and EdgeFire by device group allow the user to reduce resources used on administrative and on-site support tasks.

Log View and Query

ODC keeps cybersecurity, policy enforcement, protocol filter, system, audit, and asset detection logs, complete with a graphical user interface and other tools to help you get what you need out of them quickly as well as retrieve them from any EdgeFire or EdgeIPS node running on your network.

Centralized, Continuous Monitoring of OT Cyber Threats with a Secure, Distributed

In recent years, crippling cyber-attacks have become more and more common for factories and critical infrastructure sites across industries including oil, gas, mining, chemicals, energy, manufacturing, and defense. Protecting infrastructure against cyber threats is critical in any Operational Technology (OT) environment. This challenges traditional IT security management because they use proprietary SCADA/ICS networks and devices that are both mission critical and highly sensitive. Industrial sites also require remote access by vendors to provide timely support to their systems, introducing additional complexities to OT network security. With OT Defense Console (ODC), you will have total OT visibility, and the ability to deliver instant adjustment as necessary to protect your production line and keep it running smoothly.

Equipped with the Flexibility to Fit into Your Production Environments

  • Tailored for OT environments and industrial cabinet design
  • Ruggedized to work well in harsh temperatures
  • ODC supports cross-plant management and can be easily integrated with SOC/SIEM
  • Intercepts the spread of worms from deployed EdgeIPS and EdgeFire nodes
  • ODC has physical and virtual versions, and it works well in our hardware or your choice of server
  • Maintain an overview of system cyber risk status, threat vulnerability, and ability to resist attack
  • Detailed network analysis, with logs and event alerts on your built-in, self-generated dashboard
  • Scalable to hundreds or even thousands of assets at multiple sites with EdgeFire and EdgeIPS
  • Gain visibility into your shadow OT environment
  • Reduce your maintenance costs across facilities with ODC’s easy, efficient management system
  • Convenient management policies as well as up-to-date security signature updates and provisioning
  • Manual firmware and pattern provision to EdgeIPS and EdgeFire by group, which can also be scheduled by group
  • ODC records activity on each EdgeFire and EdgeIPS, including cybersecurity, policy enforcement, protocol filter, system, audit, and asset detection logs
TXOne OT Defense Console: Centralized Oversight for Up to 1,000 Network Segments

One solution. Multiple Environments.

  • Centralized Management
  • Full Visibility of Assets and Threats
  • Physical and Virtual Form Factors

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