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The Leader of OT Zero Trust

Never trust, always verify. TXOne safeguards your OT operation with OT-native solutions, protecting assets for their entire life cycle.

OT Native Solutions

Fulfill the workforce, workload, and workplace needs of diverse OT verticals

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For your workforce, handheld asset and device inspection

Ensure asset integrity with rapid, installation-free asset and device scans, allowing for defense of air-gapped environments and improved supply chain security.

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For your workload, next-generation asset defense

Protect ICS assets even in extreme conditions with TXOne’s OT zero trust-based all-terrain endpoint security.

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For your workplace, productivity-based network segmentation

Minimize the impact of cyber incidents with OT-native network segmentation and definitively cover vulnerabilities in legacy and unpatched endpoints with asset shielding.

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The Crisis of Convergence: OT/ICS Cybersecurity in 2023

This comprehensive study by TXOne Networks delves into the intricacies of the evolving threat landscape and unveils the state of OT/ICS security with industrial insights.

Delivering security and protection across multiple industries


Smart Factory

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Oil & Gas

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Why TXOne

TXOne Networks offers OT-native all-terrain cybersecurity solutions that ensure the reliability and safety of ICS environments through the OT zero trust methodology. We work together with industry and critical infrastructure leaders to create practical approaches to cyber defense that eliminate the security weaknesses prevalent in industrial environments.

“We wanted to move away from the old solution to the new one because the old solution was unsuitable for the size of our team. It was too complicated, no longer manageable and the configuration was too extensive.”

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Dirk Peter

Head of OT in the Network and Automation department, Krombacher

We are grateful for the acknowledgment of the advantages that TXOne Networks’ OT security solutions provide to our customers
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