ElementOne optimizes asset inspection and auditing with no additional complexity. It is capable of publishing asset info taken from the Portable Inspector and Safe Port to an overview dashboard that is equipped with asset management capabilities.

Once on the dashboard, the built-in grouping design makes it easy to manage asset information and configure settings. ElementOne is able to then export malware-free reports and present malware-scanning logs to the user in a coherent and simple format.

Security Overview at a Glance

Essential for protecting your organization from potential threats. With a holistic view, you can identify all of your assets, assess their risks, and allocate your security efforts accordingly.
This will help you to prevent data breaches, improve compliance with security regulations, and save time and money on security audits.
  • Informative Dashboard

    ElementOne offers a comprehensive overview of an organization’s assets and associated risks. It displays asset type, OS, top 10 missing patches, total asset number, and critical vulnerabilities.

  • Compliance & Transparency

    ElementOne’s remarkable ability to meticulously generate detailed, compliance-friendly information not only promotes transparency but also empowers diverse stakeholders to adeptly meet rigorous regulatory compliance requirements.

Access Security Details for Each Asset

Gain valuable insight into your assets' status, enabling you to assess and address potential issues.
  • Detailed Malware-Free Report

    The malware-free report feature of ElementOne provides any enterprise with a comprehensive overview of their assets’ security status, enabling them to address potential issues and improve overall system security.

    This report includes a comprehensive overview of the assets’ scan results, detailed system info, scanner configurations, installed application lists, installed Windows Updates, vulnerability scan results, and missing patches.

  • Detailed Asset Snapshot

    Users can drill down into each asset’s details to access specific information like vulnerabilities, OS updates, and installed applications.

    This view facilitates thorough risk assessment to accurately prioritize security efforts, proactively mitigate security threats, and prevent potential breaches.

Reduces Administrative Overhead and Risk

ElementOne is simple to use and customizable, making it easy to tailor the management process to the unique needs of each group.
This reduces administrative overhead and ensures that only authorized users have access to specific resources, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Easily Manage Your Portable Inspector

    Tailor the Portable Inspector management process to the unique needs of each group, which can help streamline workflows and improve productivity.

    Administrators can create multiple groups and assign Portable Inspector to each group based on its specific requirements and set up individual configurations for each group by customizing settings such as access controls and scanning configurations.

  • Role-Based Access Control

    ElementOne simplifies account management by grouping users into roles based on their responsibilities and access needs, reducing administrative overhead. This also ensures that only authorized users have access to specific system resources, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

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