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OT Zero Trust-based Solutions to Protect the
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Renewable Energy

Attackers want power over inverters and other devices used to generate electricity. They are looking for one open security hole on a flat network or unpatched legacy equipment to grant them free access to shut off electricity and demand a ransom.

The 4 cornerstones of OT zero trust join forces to shield power generation systems from malicious disruption.

The Four Cornerstones of OT Zero Trust for Green Energy

Security Inspection

Trend Micro Portable Security™ 3 Pro is the premier tool for extending the life of legacy devices and protecting stand alone assets.  Plug it into any device to wipe out malware and take inventory for CIP compliance.


Trust Lists

Adaptive trust lists are the secret weapon behind all OT zero trust security appliances.  EdgeFire™, EdgeIPS™ Pro, and Stellar products work together to analyze every situation as it happens, continually checking incoming and outgoing messages to make sure that only trustworthy commands reach critical electricity generating equipment. 


Network Segmentation

OT-native EdgeIPS™ Pro and EdgeFire™appliances repel attacks so that energy generation is the priority and assets keep working all day, every day. 

EdgeFire™ partitions critical equipment into micro-segments so that work continues no matter what is happening in other areas  of the network.  By safeguarding work cells, OT assets avoid the fallout from employees accidentally clicking on phish-bait and other IT problems.  

EdgeIPS™ and EdgeIPS™ Pro series were specifically designed for in-depth protection of OT-native protocols.  


Asset Shielding – optional

Stellar stops known malware before it infects endpoint assets. Virtual patches guard against zero day attacks.  Threat intelligence powered by machine-learning, reasons about new attack vectors in order to deploy avoidance techniques.  


OT Defense Console™- optional

Every OT zero trust security appliance reports to a single pane of glass for viewing moment-by-moment status. OT Defense Console™ is the secure portal for uploading incident data and downloading new malware signatures and threat intelligence.

The energy critical infrastructure sector and nuclear sector have become popular targets of ransomware.  The Stuxnet worm has been re-purposed to attack Triconex controllers.  Versions of this malware have been launched at Middle Eastern oil and gas companies, as well as those in the USA and Eastern Europe.  


To combat ransomware, EdgeFire™ and EdgeIPS™ Pro are being used to  segment networks so that a single attack cannot infect the entire energy generation plant.  Trust lists are analyzing what’s happening right now and making informed decisions based on production goals and risk tolerance.  Trend Micro Portable Security 3 Pro is being used to wipe out supply chain malware and extend the useful life of legacy assets.  The Stellar suite is continually reinforcing OT zero trust OT-native security protections.  


key components of a solar energy system

Keep the lights on.  Ease CIP compliance tasks.  Protect green energy by deploying the OT zero trust security suite and embed 4 cornerstones of proven cyber defense into your electricity generation plants.   

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