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OT operations drive business value. Cyber-Physical Systems downtime cost is always significant.

Instead of waiting for a threat to be identified and analyzed before responding, Stellar uses Cyber-Physical Systems Detection and Response (CPSDR) to prevent all unexpected system changes before they impact the operation.

Stellar feature-Bringing Operational Focus to OT Security

Bringing Operational Focus to OT Security

The security services that protect IT environments provide a strong foundation for OT, but the security response actions can disrupt operational availability. 

Stellar avoids this risk by focusing on understanding the operation and its devices and contextualizing them with security outcomes.
  • CPS Context-Focused Database

    With the application repository maintained in partnership with leading device makers, Stellar removes the burden of manual device identification by incorporating 8000+ apps, devices, and certificates. See The List

  • CPS Detection and Response

    Unexpected changes post potential threats to the operation. By analyzing the fingerprint at the device-agent level, Stellar prevents any unexpected changes to the device, such as malware, unauthorized access, accidental configuration changes, and malicious process modifications.

  • Trusted Peripheral Control

    Uncontrolled peripheral devices can impact stability and lead to data loss. Simple-to-configure controls reduce the physical access threat without complicating day-to-day operations.

Stellar feature-Uniquely built for OT

Uniquely Built For OT

Protect assets without interfering the operation. Mitigate the environmental barriers to maintain cyber hygiene in OT.
  • Broad System Support

    OT assets are designed for long-term operation. With support back to Windows 2000 and XP, Stellar supports your operation no matter where it is in its lifecycle.

  • Operationally Safe Response Actions

    With CPSDR incorporating the operational context, Stellar first prevents unexpected device changes to sustain the operation and then moderates response actions to remain operationally safe.

  • Administration Simplicity

    As part of supporting the operational context, aligned with the realities of effectively administering a security solution, Stellar uses informed automation to complete routine tasks and provide prevention capabilities.

  • Easy Deployment

    From deployment, supported by a universal installer, to baselining, analysis, and defense, automation and simplicity reduce team resource burdens and skill demands making effective administration a routine task.

Stellar feature-OT Security Without Compromise

OT Security Without Compromise

The different objectives and priorities between security and operations teams cause friction and frustration. Stellar removes the need for a compromise by meeting the needs of each team concurrently.
  • Proven Security Methodologies

    Behavioral analysis and machine learning models extend detection and identification capabilities beyond known threats. With those, Stellar employs detection and prevention to repel the most advanced cyber threats.

  • Multi-Method Threat Defense

    Security defenses take many forms, from pattern matching to configuration lockdown and application use controls. Combining these capabilities enhances overall security coverage.

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