All-Terrain Digital Safety for OT Endpoints

Stellar™ is the comprehensive OT cyber defensive solution for endpoints, with a proven track record in different industry verticals including semiconductors, retail, oil and gas, banking, and pharmaceuticals. Stellar™ consists of two parts – an agent that works 1-to-1 with assets, and a centralized management console that streamlines their use. This Stellar™ agent is the first solution to offer seamless protection with complete oversight for legacy and modernized assets running side by side.

TXOne Stellar Security Technology Stack
  • For modern assets, detect behavioral anomalies and quickly determine operational credibility using an expansive library of ICS applications and certificates
  • Lock down fixed-use and legacy systems with trust lists, ensuring endpoints can only conduct approved, role-specific tasks – no updates required
  • Conduct smooth oversight and incident response from a single pane of glass

All-Terrain Protection

ICS endpoints often operate in a harsh environment, where they must output consistent and uninterrupted performance. Stellar™ can operate without an internet connection, using policies designed around “least privilege” to thwart both known and unknown malware as well as fileless attacks.

ICS Application Safeguard

Intelligently locate ICS processes on a device-by-device basis to secure their integrity against ICS-targeted attacks.


OT Zero Trust Intelligence

Stellar™ continuously monitors the system to learn how users interact with ICS applications. With this information, it automatically determines whether an application can be trusted with access to files, the system library, or registry keys. Put a stop to insider threat by deciding when and how USB devices connect to secured endpoints.

Centralize Endpoint Security Management with StellarOne™

Unify endpoint security management with Stellar’s StellarOne console, which integrates MITRE ICS IDs and IOC information to provide a holistic overview of asset security status on a single pane of glass.


ICS Root of Trust

Stellar™ delivers ICS-native endpoint protection against both known and unknown malware via machine learning and ICS root of trust. ICS root of trust collects over 1,000 ICS software certificates and licenses, verifying them in advance to avoid a redundant security scan and ensure maximized secure asset performance. By using policies designed around least privilege, it requires no internet connection to defend against malware-free attacks.

Seamlessly defend modernized and legacy assets running side-by-side

  • Industrial-grade, next-generation endpoint security for ICS
  • Secure endpoints against both known and unknown cyber attacks with Stellar’s unique “dual engine” approach
  • Defend against fileless attacks
  • Detect malicious behavior with machine learning
  • Integrate indicators of compromise into oversight
  • Manage USB device access
  • Determine trust with Stellar’s built-in library of ICS applications and licenses
  • Prevent file landing without permission

The World’s First All-Terrain Endpoint Protection for ICS Devices

  • PC-based Controllers
  • Database Servers
  • Fixed-function Devices
  • Industrial IoT Devices
TXOne all-terrian Solutions

Stellar™ License Editions

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