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The new generation of OT-native management consoles for TXOne Networks security products.

Consolidate the enforcement of security policies and automate security processes with reporting to meet regulatory requirements.

Assess the OT Security Posture with Exquisite Precision and Efficiency on EdgeOne Dashboard

The initial and pivotal phase in maintaining risk-free network is the accurate assessment of the security posture. With the EdgeOne dashboard, you are seamlessly guided towards the key focal areas, encompassing risk factors and various imperative security measures.

The concise and explicit visual representations swiftly provide you with invaluable insights, empowering you to proactively stay ahead of potential cyber threats.

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All-New Generation Management Console for Enhanced OT Network Visibility, Control, and Efficiency

Streamline your daily operations with our new generation Edge V2 engine equipped with operation-oriented OT network visibility design and an advanced OT-intelligent policy deployment mechanism. Additionally, its cross-integration with XDR (Trend Micro Vision One) enables you to maximize the whole network security centralized on one console, covering both your IT and OT networks.

Attain Thorough Visibility of Your OT Network

Operation-oriented visibility is crucial for strong ICS security. One of the highlights of the newly designed EdgeOne is its comprehensive network map view, empowering you to achieve high efficiency in promoting the visibility of your manufacturing assets.

Effortlessly Manage a Vast Amount of Edge Series Network Security Appliances

All the types of the Edge series devices such as EdgeIPS, EdgeIPS Pro(*), and EdgeFire, can be centrally managed and maintained on a single platform, EdgeOne. You can streamline management and maintenance procedures while leveraging its high flexibility to customize policy deployment.


*EdgeIPS Pro management will be available in Q3, 2023.

Streamlined Maintenance and On-Demand, Efficient Deployment with EdgeOne

The all-in-one EdgeOne offers powerful and pioneering deployment provisioning, supporting group deployment and OT threat intelligence technology on a single console to streamline maintenance for a hassle-free experience.

OT Protocol Trust Listing by Group

You can easily edit OT protocol trust lists with EdgeOne to enable interactive interoperability between key production assets and conduct an in-depth analysis of L2-L7 networks by management group. Additionally, the OT protocol view and filtering capabilities have been significantly enhanced, giving you even greater insight and control over your operations.

Consolidated Threat Intelligence Signature and Firmware Update Provisioning

EdgeOne consolidated threat intelligence signature and firmware updates simplify the administrative efforts and reduce on-site support tasks by deploying relevant group policies to the assigned management groups. This enables efficient management procedures and increases network security.

Informative Log View and Smart Search Query

EdgeOne not only inherits the OT Defense Console log view function, but also makes it even more powerful and useful with its brand-new smart search query mechanism in addition to its user-friendly graphic interface and other helpful tools, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly find the precise information you need and retrieve it from any network management devices running on your network. This enhancement provides valuable insights into your OT network and enables you to have a comprehensive understanding of your production environments.

Sketch a Holistic Network Security Map in the Age of IT/OT Convergence

EdgeOne provides comprehensive security visibility across IT and OT environments, with the capability to manage and deploy security policies to all Edge appliance nodes it governs. With unrivaled OT threat intelligence and forward-looking smart implementations, it’s a powerful watchtower that keeps your network secure.

Through its advanced threat detection, cybersecurity reports, holistic dashboard, insightful visibility, fail-safe control by group and easy deployment—EdgeOne delivers a full spectrum of protection to maximize security levels while minimizing management effort, ensuring a safe and efficient environment for your production network.

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