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EdgeOne datasheet

Apr 21, 2023

Centralized Continuous Monitoring of OT Cyber Threats with a Secure, Distributed Industrial Network for Uninterrupted Production Line Operation

Attacks on manufacturers and critical infrastructure sites have become serious cybersecurity issues in recent years. Typically, two types of malicious actors are responsible for these incidents: state-sponsored and cybercriminal. Proper security management requires both visibility and control of security policies, while OT security protection requires even higher-grade security management for proper defense and effective response.

TXOne Networks offer both security policy control and security management to protect OT environments. Our Edge Series products enable network segmentation and segregation to divide the network into different zones of control down to the cell level. EdgeOneTM provides central visibility and defense line management to manage and deploy different security policies to Edge Series nodes with an at-a- glance dashboard, giving a clear overview of current security status.


Download the datasheet to view EdgeOne key features, specification, and supported operation system.

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