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EdgeFire is the next-generation industrial firewall specifically designed for OT environments.

It streamlines cyber defense in OT to safeguard the daily operations efficiently. With the powerful and intelligent engine equipped in EdgeFire, combating threats is made easy and reliable.

Purpose-built OT Security

EdgeFire is a robust armor for the protection of the production site from cyber threats and malware.

The advanced threat intelligence enables itself to continuously grow stronger and more knowledgeable day after day to effectively combat zero-day threats.
  • Virtual Patching

    The signature-based virtual patching defends against cyber threats, particularly crucial for legacy production networks and unpatched devices.

  • Network Segmentation

    EdgeFire segments OT network to eliminate the spread of infections and ensure reliable network traffic.

  • OT Protocols

    The complete support for industrial protocols makes EdgeFire an OT-Native solution for network security.

  • VPN

    EdgeFire can establish secure site-to-site VPN with remote access capabilities, to secure OT networks from unauthorized access or interception.

Holistic Visibility into OT Network

EdgeFire offers granular and comprehensive asset visibility in production environments.

You can monitor assets by specific vendor, software, device, and most importantly, by communications traffic, allowing operators to efficiently and rapidly detect malicious activities and take proper actions without delays.
  • System Visibility

    The streamlined system dashboard provides the operators with an overview of the security appliances and full control over the entire system.

  • Asset Visibility

    EdgeFire provides a high-level overview of all connected assets in the production environment, for comprehensive visibility.

  • OT Traffic Visibility

    EdgeFire presents all the traffic passing through, with real-time details such as bandwidth usage and traffic applications.

Ultimate Operational Continuity

EdgeFire supports the high availability feature and is equipped with a redundant power input to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the production line and minimize downtime, maintaining the reliability and efficiency of the operation and allowing for the planning and building of a fault-tolerant, resilient, and secure network.
  • High Availability

    With the high availability clusters, EdgeFire eliminates single points of failure and allows for a seamless switchover from the primary device to the secondary backup device in case of primary device failure.

  • Redundant Power Input

    EdgeFire’s redundant power input design aims to provide seamless services to the mission-critical production assets. In case of power failure, the other power supply takes over, ensuring smooth and optimal operation of the production lines.

Empowering Usability

With a hassle-free interface and streamlined security processes, EdgeFire offers unrivalled friendliness for users to focus on the core business operations without having to worry about complicated security processes.
  • Centralized Management

    EdgeOne provides a graphical user interface that streamlines the administration and management of the Edge devices. Pattern updates, firmware management, and provisioning can all be centralized on a large scale.

  • Auto-Learning

    EdgeFire leverages the power of rule auto-learning to seamlessly transform your everyday network traffic into robust, adaptable access policies, specifically tailored to your unique production environments.

    The intuitive log view empowers you to establish them quickly and efficiently. Unleash effortless policy deployment, maintain firm control over your networks, and fortify your cyber-defenses.

  • Dual Operation Modes

    EdgeFire can operate in either gateway or bridge mode, providing greater flexibility and ease of integration into the network environment.

  • Easy Onboarding

    EdgeFire’s hassle-free device onboarding process facilitates quick, effortless deployment of devices on a massive scale within the production network.

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