TXOne OT-Native All-Terrain Solutions

TXOne’s solutions meet the unique needs of diverse ICS verticals in device inspection, endpoint protection, and network defense to secure your OT workforce, workload and workplace.

Deployment Model

TXOne’s solutions are designed to deploy on levels 1 (basic control), 2 (supervisory control) and 3 (site manufacturing operations and control) of the Purdue model.

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Solution Overview

Security Inspection

Conduct routine scans of stand-alone or specialized assets and conduct checkpoint scans of inbound and outbound devices with Portable Inspector, our installation-free portable scanner.

Endpoint Protection

Protect ICS assets working in highly variable conditions with TXOne’s OT zero trust-based all-terrain endpoint security solutions.

Network Defense

Segment your network into productivity-based zones and shield vulnerable assets at the network level to improve defenses, streamline oversight, and prevent cyber incidents.

CPS Protection Platform

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) consist of mission-critical assets and sophisticated computation. Point products are responsible for protecting each of them, while simultaneously collecting extra operational context.

This confluence of security info and operational context then informs the CPS Protection Platform to produce more security insights, combat unknown threats, and offer greater visibility of the overall security posture.

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White Papers

Apr 01, 2024

Understanding Cybersecurity in FDA Medical Devices Guidance: Considerations and Solutions

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White Papers

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