EdgeIPS ensures the security of individual assets and small production zones through hassle-free transparent deployment, providing OT visibility and OT protocol filtering with the option of inline or offline functionality.

This security solution is designed specifically to fit into your network without disturbing your pre-existing configurations.


EdgeIPS is designed with security in mind. Its intelligent security mechanisms are tailored to the unique needs of OT environments, ensuring that the organizations are protected from a wide range of threats.
  • L2/L3 Policy

– Customize your own security rules with a variety of user-defined conditions to best fit your industry.

  • ICS Protocols

– Integrate the commonly-used ICS protocols with security rules to optimize the protection for your OT networks.

  • Suspicious Objects

– Shield your network with customizable, real-time threat detection by recognizing the same IP/MAC addresses, protocols or port numbers with the pre-defined suspicious objects.

  • DoS Prevention

– Define your thresholds for flood/scan attacks and block subsequent anomalous packets once an attack is detected to ensure uninterrupted service.

  • Antivirus Protection (Exclusive to EdgeIPS Pro)

– Protect your network against the latest malware variants, spyware, and other content-level threats and reduce the risk of data breach or damage caused by malware infection.

  • IPS Protection

Defend legacy production networks and unpatched devices against known threats with up-to-date vulnerability filtering rules and virtual patching. 

  • Network Segmentation

– Segment OT network to eliminate the spread of infections and ensure reliable network traffic.


Higher visibility means better insights. EdgeIPS is the one-of-the-kind OT centric product that offers thorough security posture in the organizations.
  • System Visibility

The streamlined system dashboard provides the operators with an overview of the security appliances and full control over the entire system. 

  • Asset Visibility

EdgeIPS provides a high-level overview of all connected assets in the production environment, for comprehensive visibility.  

  • OT Traffic Visibility

– EdgeIPS presents all the traffic passing through, with real-time details such as bandwidth usage and traffic applications.  


In the OT frontline, availability is the king. A series of fail-safe mechanisms join together in EdgeIPS to achieve the maximized availability level.
  • High Availability (Exclusive to EdgeIPS Pro)

– When a failover occurs on EdgeIPS Pro, the standby EdgeIPS Pro device will take over and become the active one.

  • Hardware Bypass

When a failover occurs on EdgeIPS, the port pairs can bypass the packets without impacting the connectivity. 

  • Universal Bypass (Exclusive to EdgeIPS Pro)

– When a failover occurs on the switch where EdgeIPS Pro connects to, an alternative route to the standby switch will be activated through the neighbouring port.


With a hassle-free interface and streamlined security processes, EdgeIPS is built to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for users to focus on the core business operations without having to worry about complicated security processes.
  • Centralized Management

– Use our central management system, EdgeOne, for security management in compliance with manufacturing SOP to centrally monitor operation information, update network protection policies, and set patterns for attack behaviors.

  • Dual Operation Modes

Flexibly switch between Monitor and Prevention modes, providing greater flexibility and ease of integration to preserve your productivity while maximizing security. 

  • Easy Onboarding

EdgeIPS’ hassle-free device onboarding process facilitates quick, effortless deployment of devices on a massive scale within the production network. 

  • Baseline Rule Auto Generation

Leverage the power of rule auto-learning to seamlessly transform your everyday network traffic into robust access policies, unleash effortless policy deployment, maintain firm control over your networks, and fortify your cyber-defenses, all at your fingertips.

Model List

EdgeIPS Pro Series

EdgeIPS 102 and 103

EdgeIPS Series


EdgeIPS Solutions Model Data Sheet
EdgeIPS Pro Series
EdgeIPS Pro 1048
EdgeIPS Pro 2096
EdgeIPS 216 Rugged
EdgeIPS 216 Commercial
EdgeIPS Pro 2008
EdgeIPS Pro 2016F
EdgeIPS Series
EdgeIPS 102
EdgeIPS 103
EdgeIPS LE 102

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