EdgeIPS ensures the security of individual assets and small production zones through hassle-free transparent deployment, providing OT visibility and OT protocol filtering with the option of inline or offline functionality.


EdgeIPS ensures the security of individual assets and small production zones through hassle-free transparent deployment, providing OT visibility and OT protocol filtering with the option of inline or offline functionality.

This security solution is designed specifically to fit into your network without disturbing your pre-existing configurations.

EdgeIPS feature: Micro-segmentation


The presence of network microsegments with granular security controls is fundamental for organizations, especially in OT environments when the network is often designed flat.
  • Reduce Attack Surface

    The granularity of controls enables more detailed security policies and rules to elevate the security level.

  • Mitigation of Incidents

    In case of security compromise, the containment is made easier with microsegments to reduce lateral movements.

  • Transparency

    The process of segmenting increases the understanding of the asset inventory and network flows.

  • Eliminate Human Errors

    The granularity of security control can filter commands based on operational context and reduce human errors.

Ultimate Operational Continuity

Business continuity is crucial for maintaining business stability, protecting reputation, complying with regulations, and ensuring customer satisfaction. In OT, this is paramount for network security products.
  • High Availability

    You can equip two EdgeIPS Pro devices at the same time, so they become a backup for each other.

  • Fail Safe

    All EdgeIPS devices are equipped with packet bypassing features to ensure stable connectivity in all conditions.

  • Indestructible Continuity

    EdgeIPS Pro devices can smartly create an alternative route even when the connected switch has a port failure.

OT-Centric Security Design

General-purpose security products offer only a standard level of protection across all aspects.
Our goal is to achieve perfection by focusing exclusively on OT security and vertical insights in technology, processes, and people.
  • Stay Secured

    Defend operational networks and devices against threats with industrial-grade intrusion prevention mechanisms.

  • OT Native

    Master numerous ICS protocols with security rules to optimize the protection for your OT networks.

  • Network Segmentation

    Establish network segments for security configurations with detailed granularity. This is key to ensuring a reliable OT network.

  • Comprehensive Models

    EdgeIPS comes in multiple form factors for the optimized deployment in terms of budget, capability, complexity, or architecture.

Purpose-built OT Security Capabilities

EdgeIPS is designed for practical security needs in OT.
Its intelligent security mechanisms and the asset-focused features are tailored to the unique needs of OT environments, ensuring that the organizations are protected from a wide range of threats.
  • Extensive Reach

    Customize security rules by MAC or by IP addresses. Incorporating both L2 and L3 policies ensures wide asset security coverage in the OT network.

  • Suspicious List

    Shield your network with customizable, real-time threat detection by recognizing suspicious objects in the network.

  • Anomaly Detection and Prevention

    Define your thresholds for flood/scan attacks and block subsequent anomalous packets once an attack is detected to ensure uninterrupted service.

  • Malware Landing Prevention

    Protect your network against the latest malware variants, spyware, and other content-level threats. (Exclusive to EdgeIPS Pro)

Holistic Visibility into OT Network

Prior to safeguarding your assets, it's essential to possess the capability to monitor all OT assets within the network. This includes tracking data flow, protocol commands, and connection details.
  • Central Dashboard

    The streamlined system dashboard provides the operators with an overview of the security appliances and full control over the entire system.

  • Network Map

    EdgeIPS provides a high-level overview of all connected assets in the production environment, for comprehensive visibility.

  • OT Traffic Clarity

    EdgeIPS presents all the traffic passing through, with real-time details such as bandwidth usage and traffic applications.

Empowering Usability

Understaffing security experts remains a prevalent challenge in maintaining cyber hygiene within OT.
This underscores the importance of integrating robust technologies seamlessly into user-friendly experiences.
  • Centralized Management

    Monitor operation information, update network protection policies, and enforce security rules all in a single EdgeOne console.

  • Flexible Operation Modes

    Choose between Monitoring or Prevention modes to optimize productivity and security level.

  • Easy Onboarding and Deployment

    The EdgeIPS onboarding flow facilitates quick, effortless deployment of devices on a massive scale within the production network.

  • Adaptive Baseline Calibration

    Utilize AI engine to create security baselines and create corresponding security rules to dramatically reduce the configuration hassles.

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EdgeIPS Pro Series

EdgeIPS Pro Series

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Data Sheet

EdgeIPS Pro Series

EdgeIPS Pro 1048

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EdgeIPS 216 Rugged

EdgeIPS 216 Commercial

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