OT Threat Research

Real-time track and predict changes in the IoT/ICS threat landscape

We protect and alert the world's critical infrastructure by sharing leading threat and vulnerability research

TXOne Threat Research performs a variety of ICS device and protocol vulnerability research, analyzes potential threats, malware and ransomware related to OT Threat, and continues to share our research at top security conferences around the world such as Black Hat, DEFCON, RSA Conference, FIRST and etc. This can help us to provide our partners with the most real-time threat intelligence.

We provide early warning of potential risks and emerging vulnerabilities through threat intelligence

TXOne Threat Research continuously monitors and detects IoT/ICS threat terrain via our large-scale fully automated threat hunting system. Threat data is continuously gathered through a worldwide network of hunting engines, submissions, feedback loops, customers & partners, and our own Threat Research Labs researchers. The threat intelligence systems quickly protect our customers’ critical assets and operations.

We continuously conduct proactive threat hunting around the world to protect our customers in real time