Executive Leadership

Meet the Executives

TXOne’s leadership team comes together from many different nations and backgrounds to spearhead OT-native technologies that can safeguard our world’s communication, commerce, and critical infrastructure.

Akihiko Omikawa-TXOne Networks

Akihiko Omikawa

Chairman of TXOne Networks, Board Member and Executive Vice President of Trend Micro

Terence Liu-CEO of TXOne Networks

Terence Liu

Chief Executive Officer

YC Wu-Chief Financial Officer at TXOne


Chief Financial Officer

Steven Hsu

Steven Hsu

Vice President of Marketing

Jeff DePasse-TXOne Sales VP Americas

Jeff DePasse

Head of TXOne Americas

Christophe Strauven - TXOne Networks

Christophe Strauven

Head of TXOne Europe

Yoshio Kondo-TXOne Networks

Yoshio Kondo

Head of TXOne Japan

Kevin Wan, Vice President of Sales AMEA at TXOne

Kevin Wan

Head of TXOne AMEA

Andy Chuang, Vice President of Human Resources at TXOne

Andy Chuang

Vice President of Human Resources

Nasser Zayour-Vice President of Global Alliances at TXOne

Nasser Zayour

Vice President of Global Alliances

TXOne booth at Taipei Automation 2021
TXOne Networks


When you join TXOne, you become part of a unique and diverse global family, working towards securing today’s connected world. Since our founding in 2019, we have strode to keep an entrepreneurial spirit and vision that can ensure our solutions are always on the cutting edge of OT cybersecurity.

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