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Network Defense

Minimize the impact of cyber incidents with OT-native network segmentation. Cover vulnerabilities in unpatched and legacy endpoints with asset shielding.

Deploy superior network defenses to reduce collateral damage from cyber attacks

‘Production’ is the most critical stage in the asset life cycle – a long period of operation, intended to be totally free of interruption. Attackers can spread spread through a flat OT network lightning-fast, disrupting operations for days at a time. Unpatched and legacy assets require specialized protection that safeguards and maintains productivity, which is why TXOne Networks’ adaptive ICS cybersecurity solutions were designed to create a safe, reliable work environment even for the most sensitive or essential technologies.

Advanced ICS protocol-based trust list profiling gives granular, highly-detailed control over assets. These have been worked into industrial-grade ISIPS (Internal Segmentation IPS) appliances purpose-built for any business intention.

While network segmentation makes your network more defensible from the ground up, virtual patching shields unpathable and legacy devices.

Learn why critical manufacturing leaders depend on the Edge series

  • Segment the network into productivity-based zones
  • Appliances available in multiple hardware form factors to support both centralized and distributed deployments
  • Support for hardware bypass to ensure high availability
  • Built-in TXODI™ (TXOne One-Pass DPI) engine supports multiple OT protocols
  • Reduce the impact of cyber incidents with internal network segmentation and micro-segmentation
  • Deploy asset shielding at a network level to secure unpatchable and legacy endpoints without requiring any changes to configuration
Edge series products

Product Portfolio


Transparent Security Box Protects Mission-Critical Machines Support for Continuous Production Line Operation


Efficient Inline Threat Detection to Support Continuous Production Line Operation Mission-Critical Machine Management and Incident Response

EdgeIPS™ Pro

A purpose-built high port density appliance, designed for IT-OT convergence cybersecurity in highly automated smart factories with IT-friendly deployment and management.

  • Network segmentation​
  • Dedicated management port​
  • Asset shielding
  • Programmable hardware bypass​
  • East-west protection​
  • Network trust listing based on protocol and identity

OT Defense Console™

Centralized Oversight for Up to 1,000 Network Segments

  • ICS Network Security Management
  • Central management of ICS network security posture with flexible policy management
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