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SEMI E187 Compliance Reference Guide – The Asset Security Life Cycle

Jul 20, 2022

SEMI E187 Compliance Reference Guide

With the much-anticipated release of the SEMI E187 standards, the SEMI organization has pioneered a modernized, forward-thinking approach to cybersecurity that we can soon expect to see in many other industry verticals. These reference guides show how the OT zero trust approach streamlines compliance and enables productivity-friendly, highly responsive cyber defenses.


  • Secure work facilities based on the asset life cycle to create productivity-friendly OT cyber defenses
  • Address the challenges of maintenance and protection from onboarding to retirement
  • Adopt a cyber defense plan that accommodates and secures the introduction and removal of technologies to and from the shop floor


Chinese translation of the reference guide for SEMI E187 compliance can be found here: SEMI E187 標準導入參考指南


If you would like to delve deeper into SEMI cybersecurity standards, we recommend other further reading:


SEMI E187 Compliance Reference Guide
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