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Best Practices for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers: Trend Micro Portable Security™ 3

Sep 09, 2021

Best Practices for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers_ Trend Micro Portable Security™ 3

Pharmaceutical manufacturers’ assets, working environment, and continuous biochemical processes are not just mission-critical – they’re life-critical. The smallest deviation in a formulation is the difference between life and death. For this reason, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Code of Federal Regulations (The FDA’s CFR) is designed to ensure the traceability of all changes in pharmaceutical manufacturers’ systems. ‘Who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, and ‘why’ must be recorded for any and all changes made by manufacturers, creating a detailed history for all products and actions taken.


Inadequate cybersecurity creates many potential impacts, all of them severe. These include intellectual property leaks (formulae, compound data), operational disruptions, downtime, contaminated products, months of reevaluations, and hazardous material spills. These are crises that can lead to not only serious financial losses but also lethal consequences.


Meanwhile, there are complex and diverse security challenges to keep in mind. These challenges benefit from special solutions designed exactly for the needs of the firm. We’re proud to say that’s why half of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturers have adopted Trend Micro Portable Security™ 3 (TMPS3), a unique installation-free malware scanning tool co-developed by Trend Micro and TXOne Networks. In these best practices we’ll share the six most common use cases as given to us by industry insiders sharing their firsthand experience and successes.

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