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Portable Inspector datasheet

Jul 10, 2024

Portable Inspector datasheet

Streamline Your Auditing Process and Manage Your Unmanageable Assets

Identify All the Blind Spots in Your IT/OT Assets

TXOne Portable Inspector provides effective malware scanning and removal for standalone computers and air-gapped systems. This portable tool can be plugged into the USB port of any Windows or Linux device to detect and eliminate malware without the need to install software or reboot the target system.

In addition, the Portable Inspector collects asset information to generate an inventory list that grants IT/OT visibility and eliminates shadow IT/OT. It then scans all files with a built-in anti-malware engine and encrypts them on the spot using its AES-256 encryption engine before placing them into secure, malware-free storage.

The Portable Inspector is easy to implement and helps customers quickly adopt a cybersecurity solution that can keep the operation running.


Download the datasheet to view Portable Inspector key features, specification, and supported operation system.

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