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Delivering security and protection across multiple industries with OT zero trust

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Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions


Smart Factory

OT Zero Trust-based Defense for Shop Floor Protection

The foundations of any smart factory are its data collection, data sharing, and data analysis, which are often complicated by the inclusion of assets from a wide range of manufacturers that work in a wide range of conditions and situations. Using the OT zero trust approach, inspect assets as they arrive and segment the network with all-terrain hardware to secure dataflow at the shop floor level (data in use, data in transmission, and data at rest). OT-native technology supports technicians to centrally manage cyber defense of even a vast number of legacy and modern assets running side-by-side without interrupting operations.

Potential Threats to Automated Factories


OT Zero Trust-based Defense for Complex Hospital Operations

Streamline cyber defense procedures to prioritize patient outcomes and reduce cyber defense workload throughout healthcare facilities. Shield legacy Windows endpoints at the endpoint and network level to stop cyber attacks from disrupting patient care or compromising sensitive information. Block suspicious behavior on the network with protocol- and IP-based trust lists, and reinforce security for insecure protocols such as HL7 and DICOM.

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Oil and Gas

OT Zero Trust-based Defense for Manufacturing, Refinement, and Distribution

Increase visibility, mitigate cyber risk, and prevent cyber incidents in your manufacturing, refinement, and distribution processes with the OT zero trust approach. Base cyber defense policy on protocols unique to oil & gas, including DNP3, OPC UA, and others. IoT sensors and other monitoring technologies add convenience but create more opportunities for attackers to compromise work sites. Through security inspection, network segmentation, trust listing, and asset shielding, we can mitigate cyber threats while protecting your bottom line.

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Green Energy

OT Zero Trust-based Solutions to Protect the Power Grid

Attackers want power over inverters and other devices used to generate electricity. They are looking for one open security hole on a flat network or unpatched legacy equipment to grant them free access to shut off electricity and demand a ransom. Learn more about the 4 cornerstones of OT zero trust join forces to shield power generation systems from malicious disruption.

Renewable Energy

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