Portable Inspector

An Agentless Malware-Free Solution for Risk Assessment and Asset Management.

Portable Inspector streamlines your auditing process and effectively manages your previously unmanageable assets, seamlessly integrating with your existing processes without introducing additional complexity or burden.

No Software Installation Required

Portable Inspector provides a completely installation-free solution by loading scanning software onto a USB drive, eliminating the need for target system rebooting for malware detection and removal. The process leaves no system footprint, ensuring no violation of asset manufacturers’ sales terms.

Easy Operation

Portable Inspector can be used across multiple assets. The built-in LED indicators display the scanning results during a malware scan.

Extend OT Visibility and Insight

While performing a malware scan, Portable Inspector automatically collects detailed snapshots of asset data, including computer information, Windows Update status, and application lists without any additional effort required from operators.

Centralized Management

Our Management Program offers a holistic view of malware scans for SMB customers. It streamlines pattern file updates, configuration deployment, report generation, and scan log correlation. For enterprise customers, our web-based platform, ElementOne, enhances all these features with advanced capabilities for asset inspection and audit checks. It provides detailed malware-free reports and comprehensive overviews, making it a versatile tool for your security needs.

The Secure Transporter

Portable Inspector is equipped with an AES-256 hardware encryption engine, allowing ICS owners and operators to carry sensitive data in air-gapped environments while preserving the operational integrity of the business. Files are scanned when transferred into secure storage, and only verified files can be stored.

One solution. Multiple environments.

Portable Security supports multiple platforms including Windows and Linux, from legacy versions to the latest builds. Even Windows XP or Windows 7 can be secured. Multiple platforms are securely protected with a single scanning tool.

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