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Portable Inspector

Portable Inspector delivers portable, installation-free security in the USB form factor.

It inspects new equipment before sending it to production, performs regular auditing and inventory management functions, and provides advanced security for out-of-band and isolated devices.

OT Security Simplified

Simplicity is the core of our product design. Portable Inspector aims to arm everyone serving in OT environments with cybersecurity capabilities against malicious acts.
  • Installation-free

    The core security inspection software is loaded on a USB device, so software installation is not required.

  • Fully Agentless

    No trackable file nor log will be left on the device being inspected during the entire scanning process.

  • Intelligible LED Design

    The ongoing status of the scan and its result will be communicated visually with LED lights.

Security at Your Fingertips

A single Portable Inspector allows you to scan multiple assets. Supporting Windows and Linux, this USB device is not only a security inspector but also a surefire secured file transporter.
  • Broad OS Support

    It covers most Windows editions from the latest to legacy ones as old as Windows XP.

  • Secure Transporter

    Transfer business-critical files with the built-in robust AES-256 hardware encryption to ensure data hygiene in ICS spaces.

Integrated Insights

Asset scanning results and logs are centralized in the console to create a comprehensive security overview. Such visibility is key for vulnerability management.
  • Centralized Management

    The advanced ElementOne console streamlines the security updates for Portable Inspector devices.

  • Security Reports

    Generate malware-free reports with the ElementOne console for auditing purposes.

  • Extended Security Visibility

    Aggregate detailed systems snapshots from assets for efficient security inventory and risk management.

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