Endpoint Protection

Protect ICS assets working in highly variable conditions with TXOne’s OT zero trust-based all-terrain endpoint security solutions.

Asset Security Lifecycle: Endpoint Protection

Secure variant conditions in the ICS environment by deploying TXOne industrial-grade ICS endpoint protection

The second stage of the assets lifecycle is “On Staging”, this stage is to ensure a proper workload configuration and based on assets working conditions to install well fit endpoint security software for legacy and modern operating systems.

Modern work sites usually need to accommodate legacy endpoints in their operational environment, which must interconnect and work well with their many different assets. Traditional antivirus is not designed for the ICS environment – constant virus signature updates require an internet connection while intrusive file scans require a lot of processing power and can easily interfere with operations. Endpoint Protection in the operational environment requires a different spectrum of consideration. There, security must never jeopardize routine operation, slow down computation, or delay decisions made in the factory production process. TXOne Networks offers adaptive, all-terrain ICS cybersecurity solutions in the form of different endpoint suites that secure both legacy systems and modern devices in a variety of worksite environments, customized with input from leading specialists in each vertical.

Find out why critical infrastructure organizations choose Stellar

  • Minimize performance impact
  • Secure operations while maintaining high resource availability
  • Provide effective cyber defense to assets with no internet connection and no access to pattern updates
  • Defend against both known and unknown attacks
  • Support for legacy and modern Windows operating systems with a central management console
  • Manage legacy and modern endpoints side-by-side from a single pane of glass
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