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Stellar datasheet

Mar 29, 2022

Stellar is a comprehensive OT/CPS security solution providing continuous detection and response aligned to the specific requirements of the OT domain. With successful deployments in a wide range of industries, including electric power, oil and gas, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and retail, Stellar is proven to boost operations’ reliability, efficiency, and stability throughout the entire asset lifecycle.

Using a single-agent design, Stellar delivers seamless asset-centric protection with complete oversight for legacy OT devices and modern cyber-physical systems (CPS). Intuitive centralized management, consistent policy enforcement, and action-oriented alerts empower security teams of all sizes and skill levels to successfully mature their organization’s security posture.

Leveraging an expansive ICS application and certificate library, Stellar maintains CPS operational integrity through behavioral anomaly detection and eliminates configuration drift for legacy and fixed-use assets with device lockdown. Security teams can confidently deliver detection and response outcomes across the OT terrain, with Stellar meeting both security and operational needs alike.


Download the datasheet to view Stellar key product capabilities, license editions, and supported operating system.

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