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TXOne 2024 OT Cybersecurity Portfolio

May 23, 2024

TXOne 2024 OT Cybersecurity Portfolio-EN

The TXOne OT Zero Trust framework protects critical assets throughout their entire lifecycle with layered security solutions including security inspection, endpoint protection, and network defense. A security platform is built on top of these to offer security visibility and controls from a universal standpoint.

Asset Security Lifecycle: CPS Protection Platform


Security Inspection – Element

The Element product line enables security inspection for assets and removable storage media. Integration with existing protocols gives operational staff the ability to perform regular digital sanitation and inventory management tasks.

Endpoint Protection – Stellar

Stellar is an OT-native endpoint security product in the form of pure software. It defends modern and legacy devices by actively preventing unauthorized changes to its baseline operations at the application and process level without interrupting normal operations.

Network Defense – Edge

Edge introduces greater stability and resilience across OT networks. Identity-based zero trust access controls regulate traffic and operational commands sent between devices. Industry-informed protocol analysis techniques utilize prevention, detection, and remediation functions to promote operational stability.

OT Cybersecurity Platform – SageOne

SageOne aggregates all security intelligence from the entire TXOne portfolio and constructs an ultimate security platform. It is a cross-product mission control center with the capability to discover potential unknown risks by using AI-based correlations taken from multiple security control points and from various angles.

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