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Mastering the NIS2 Directive: Achieving Cybersecurity Compliance

May 17, 2023

This report offers a simplified guide to EU cybersecurity laws, focusing on the NIS 2 Directive, and provides practical advice for businesses to meet these regulations. The NIS 2, an upgrade from NIS 1, addresses its shortcomings, broadens scope, and introduces stricter rules, with an aim to enhance Europe’s digital security baseline. As the October 17, 2024, deadline approaches for legislative adjustments, understanding and implementing NIS 2 is crucial for businesses.

Whether you’re a company previously bound by the NIS 1 rules, or newly engaging with the NIS 2 Directive, our OT solutions are here to assist. We break down the complexities of the NIS 2 Directive into easily understandable insights:

  • Part 1: We delve into the shortcomings of the NIS 1 Directive to help you understand the improvements introduced in NIS 2.
  • Part 2: We provide a comprehensive analysis of the main policy objectives of the NIS 2 Directive and how they compare to the NIS 1 framework.
  • Part 3: We offer a technical analysis of the core principles of the NIS 2 Directive, with practical advice on how your business should respond.
  • Part 4: We summarize the key points to ensure you’re fully equipped to navigate the new cybersecurity environment.


This report is more than a strategic guide—it’s a compendium of the knowledge, insights, and solutions required for NIS Directives compliance. In understanding and adhering to these regulations, you’re not only ensuring regulatory compliance, but also safeguarding your business’s future, earning stakeholder trust, and fostering a safer, more resilient digital Europe. Embark on your NIS 2 Directive journey today, and lead the digital era.

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