Austen Byers explains OT security challenges and the current threat landscape on B2B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro

Aug 10, 2021

On July 30th TXOne Networks’ Director of Sales and Engineering for North America, Austen Byers, was a guest on the podcast B2B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro.



You can tune in to this 14-minute interview to get up-to-date information about:

  • How OT is foundationally different from IT, and why securing OT is such a different and often challenging process
  • The latest developments and changes in the OT environment
  • The 3 types of OT cyber attacks, their potential effects on an enterprise, and how OT cyber attacks have developed in recent years
  • The necessary groundwork to prevent those attacks and keep the operation running

In the current threat landscape, operational technology is targeted by hackers more than ever, and recent increases in the frequency and sophistication of such cyberattacks are guaranteed to continue. The necessary cybersecurity solutions will be adaptive and able to support the wide variety of protocols that can come into play across different operations, because even within the same industry operations have widely different needs. We’re grateful for Austen’s sharing of his unique OT knowhow, and we hope you’ll check out this podcast to learn about our work and how it can help you maintain a productive and safe operation.


For further reading, Ingram Micro posted a great summary of the talk here.


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