EdgeIPS Pro: The world’s first intent-based industrial IPS array

Sep 13, 2020

Release Date for the EdgeIPS Pro 1U with 48 ports: Oct. 6, 2020


With highly-adaptive and malicious cyber threats on the rise, increasingly used by bad actors to damage operations or demand steep ransoms, segmentation and rock solid cybersecurity are the rule in any modernized smart factory. This is especially true for modernized smart factories operating at large scale. Production line owners and security teams need solutions that provide protection for their cyber-physical systems that is not only ironclad, but also conveniently manageable even when boosting operational resilience on a massive number of assets. For this, TXOne Networks has forged a new solution – the first-of-its-kind intent-based industrial IPS array, EdgeIPS Pro.


Perfected for IT-OT convergence cybersecurity, EdgeIPS Pro comes in two forms: 1U 1048, with 48 paired ports (24 segments), and 2U 2096, with 96 paired ports (48 segments). Each pair of ports is designed to connect to the same asset – one for protected network operation, and the other as a fail-safe in case hardware bypass is necessary. EdgeIPS Pro regiments segmenting, monitoring, and preventing threats from affecting large-scale production lines into a smooth and easily-organized routine.


EdgeIPS Pro comes set up with templates for zero configuration and its design is transparent, requiring no changes to existing network architecture. Legacy OSes and unpatched devices, the most vulnerable assets on any OT network, are easily put in a protective shield through signature-based virtual patch technology. EdgeIPS Pro’s ability to identify threats is top-of-the-line, both through the combined research of TXOne Networks and Trend Micro, and through our working closely with Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) to maintain cutting-edge threat intelligence.


The EdgeIPS Pro 1U model will be released on October 6th, 2020.

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