New E-Book: Secure Manufacturing on Cloud, Edge, and 5G

Oct 20, 2021

In their new e-book, researchers from our parent company Trend Micro give an overview of the security challenges that accompany new communication technology into your work sites that integrates IT (information technology), OT (operational technology) and CT (communication technology). Because many of the assets and technologies within factories were not designed for a network environment, the introduction of IoT has exposed many attack surfaces and vulnerabilities that must now be secured against cyber threat. Here you will also get a look at what kinds of attacks bad actors will attempt over which kinds of CT, the potential damage that can result, and up-to-date recommendations on how to provide reliable security.


This era of digital transformation finds work sites all over the world caught up in adapting to new technologies such as predictive maintenance, autonomous mobile robots, and digital twins of production lines and products. With 60% of factories already rely on the cloud and 26% on Private 5G, this enhanced connectivity is empowering assets with new functionality and increased convenience, but in the 61% of factories that have experienced cyber incidents those benefits are likely to have been leveraged by attackers as well. As soon as any technology is introduced to a work site attackers immediately get to work developing ways to exploit it for maximum disruption as quickly as possible – and they’re just as interested in convenience as stakeholders. CT is particularly likely to expose vulnerabilities and attack surfaces that were previously unrecognized by stakeholders.

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