Secure work site networks with OT zero trust-based policies

Jan 27, 2022

Cyber criminals are unceasing and ever more versatile in their quest to compromise assets and steal credentials within industrial control system (ICS) networks. Prior to the invention of zero trust, network defense was based on viewing the inside network as trustworthy and the outside network (the internet) as untrustworthy. Unfortunately, this methodology created an excess of trust inside work site networks that hackers learned to predict and exploit. Zero trust puts an end to excessive trust on OT networks by saying, “Never trust. Always verify.”


The fast-increasing frequency of impactful cyber incidents has driven an interest in zero trust among threat specialists. While zero trust originates in information technology (IT), TXOne’s researchers developed operational technology or “OT” zero trust to specialize these defenses for the productivity needs of OT and ICS environments. While IT zero trust focuses on networks designed for users, OT zero trust focuses on networks designed for assets with device inspections, preservation of critical applications and services, network segmentation, and virtual patching.


For device inspection, TXOne’s Trend Micro Portable Security 3 needs no installation to make sure that onboarding as well as stand-alone assets are malware-free, and its USB stick form factor travels easily wherever such scans are necessary. Once a new asset is set up in the environment, TXOne’s endpoint protection solution, Stellar, secures the endpoint with trust listing that prevents malware from running and preserves critical applications. Finally, as assets are communicating on the industrial network, TXOne’s Edge series segments the network into groups that can be easily managed with customized policies, blocks suspicious or undesired behavior, and applies virtual patching at a network level to protect unpatched or legacy assets. With these solutions, TXOne empowers stakeholders to secure their facilities with OT zero trust-based policies.


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