Securing fixed-use and legacy endpoints with StellarEnforce

Jun 21, 2022

TXOne StellarEnforce secures legacy endpoints

This is part two of a two-part article covering the benefits and new functions of TXOne’s flagship total defense solution for endpoints, Stellar. Part one can be found here.


Modern OT environments frequently include legacy and modernized endpoints running side-by-side. With Stellar, these organizations can now untangle complicated cyber defenses and make the deployments necessary to accommodate legacy and modernized assets under varied conditions. They also have significantly improved visibility and oversight of both their endpoints and OT environment.


Endpoint Protection for Legacy Devices

Meanwhile, TXOne also has dedicated solutions for legacy ICS systems that protect devices from malware attacks without impacting device performance – StellarEnforce. StellarEnforce is based on application safe listing technology that uses a trust list (rather than virus patterns) to control application execution. With its optimized operational efficiency, StellarEnforce is designed from the ground up to handle the extensive deployment and maintenance workloads required by large factories. Only pre-registered applications and services can run on the system with a trust list so that operationally critical systems are protected from malware and have no performance impact.


StellarEnforce also has three main advantages:

1. StellarEnforce closes all doors to attackers on each asset, ensuring operational security with 4-in-1 lockdown: operational lockdown, USB lockdown, data lockdown, and configuration lockdown.

2. StellarEnforce does not require regular updates and supports a wide age range of Windows operating systems that have passed the end-of-service date, allowing fixed-use machines with limited resources to be shielded against serving as an onramp to a threat actor.

3. StellarEnforce prevents malicious software from running on some legacy, purpose-built systems, solving the problem that traditional antivirus software cannot be installed on old devices.

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