Trend Micro Portable Security 3 Pro, the compliance one-stop shop

Apr 30, 2022

Trend Micro Portable Security 3 Pro, the compliance one-stop shop

Because technologies originating in IT such as operating systems and networking are now common in OT environments, hackers are able and eager to leverage IT break-in techniques on OT assets. This gives attackers an edge against OT environments through strategies such as insider threat and supply chain attacks. Recently, manufacturers have found success in combatting cyber threat by requiring complete inspections of all electronic equipment entering a work site. One example of this is the semiconductor industry’s own cybersecurity initiative, which comes in the form of the brand-new standard E187.


OT is a very different environment compared to IT

One of the most defining differences of the OT environment is that the mission is centered on productivity and, therefore, availability – in accomplishing this, there are three big challenges to be solved. First, some assets are particularly sensitive – installing software on them could affect the operation of the equipment or violate the ICS warranty, and so is strictly prohibited, but these devices must still be secured somehow. Secondly, factory operators may not be prepared to handle modernized, highly-targeted cyber threats – combatting such threats requires tools that can enable routine, fast, and well-documented scans. A good logging and referencing system built into the equipment streamlines compliance with cybersecurity policy. Third and finally, it is difficult to simplify and speed up the scan process enough for personnel to be able to integrate such scans into work site daily operations.


No Software Installation Required

In order to solve the above challenges, researchers at TXOne Networks and our parent company Trend Micro have collaborated to develop a unique solution –a portable tool resembling a USB flash drive. It allows user to perform on-demand, installation-free malware scans. Many large scale organizations in critical infrastructure fields such as railway transportation, pharmaceutical, and energy are leading the way in using rapid device scans to eliminate threats in inbound devices.


Easy to use

Just plug Portable Security into any system’s USB port. The embedded scanner will automatically detect malware, take action as configured, and log the scan.


Centralized management of OT assets

Portable Security comes equipped with a centralized management console to collect and aggregate all audit logs and asset information from various scanning tools on a single pane of glass, thereby increasing OT visibility and shining a light into the shadow OT. The console can also be used to create audit logs, lending convenience to the sometimes challenging process of compliance with industry regulations.


OT-native asset inspection with Portable Security

Portable Security provides personnel with a simple way to inspect systems and streamline their auditing process. With Portable Security, reduce the total cost of ownership for securing OT environment and reduce communication efforts among IT and OT cybersecurity and management teams. Portable Security designed to easily configure and operate even without cybersecurity domain knowledge or training so that it not only reduces learning costs for users but also enable secure and efficient malware inspection process.


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