TXOne Networks’ EdgeIPS Pro shortlisted for the 2021 SC Awards Europe

Apr 20, 2021

We’re delighted to announce that TXOne Networks’ own EdgeIPS Pro has been shortlisted by the 2021 SC Awards Europe in the category of ‘Best IoT/IIoT Security Solution’!


As the threat landscape only changes more quickly every year, rigorous assessments of cyber security solutions are vital to never-ending global efforts to safeguard the internet for communication and commerce. For each year’s SC Awards leading security intelligence specialists are selected to act as judges, identifying the people, products, and services behind the year’s most excellent contributions to cyber security. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the latest innovations in cyber defense.


Our own offering for consideration, EdgeIPS Pro, is an industrial IPS array purpose-built for the IT-OT convergence. It was created with a specific focus: enterprises securing a vast amount of critical assets while maximizing operations and minimizing downtime. It comes with high port density, sensitivity to a wide variety of ICS protocols, and the ability to set up secure trust lists based on both command and machine-to-machine access control. EdgeIPS Pro has a particular excellence for protecting vulnerable legacy assets with its built-in virtual patch technology, which is a network behavior that places a shield around vulnerable assets that can’t be patched or which are past their end-of-service date for updates.


We look forward to learning the results of the competition!

Learn more about EdgeIPS Pro here.

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