TXOne Networks launches the first-of-its-kind all-terrain endpoint protection platform, the Stellar series

May 04, 2021

We are proud to announce the release of our new all-terrain endpoint protection platform, the Stellar series! This series of solutions includes StellarProtect to secure modernized systems, StellarEnforce to secure legacy systems, and StellarOne to allow easy management of secured endpoints from one centralized console. Crafted for optimal performance in industry-critical conditions and adapted to the needs of fragmented OT environments, StellarProtect and StellarEnforce streamline endpoint protection while providing maximized operational integrity. The StellarOne console enables easy management of endpoints running StellarEnforce or StellarProtect, meaning that the protection of modernized and legacy endpoints running side-by-side is now much easier to manage and coordinate. Stellar solutions maximize available resources while safeguarding endpoints from today’s and tomorrow’s cyber attacks.


StellarProtect, the first of its kind, secures modernized systems without the heavy operational load of traditional antivirus by using a blend of synergized cybersecurity technologies. At the time of installation it uses its built-in ICS inventory to verify the endpoint’s applications and certificates, allowing it to exclude the endpoint’s operational software from scans. This eliminates unnecessary overhead while blocking known attacks. For unknown attacks, StellarProtect’s machine learning creates an operational baseline for the asset and then blocks unusual actions. Learn more about StellarProtect and get a free 1-month trial here.

For fixed-function legacy systems, StellarEnforce provides protection from malware infection or unauthorized changes with 4-in-1 lockdown. This lockdown functionality is based on trust lists – only approved applications can run, only approved users can make changes to configurations or make changes to data, and only approved devices can connect to the system. Through this simplified, convenient solution, StellarEnforce prevents cyber incidents without reliance on pattern files. Learn more about StellarEnforce and get a free 1-month trial here.


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