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From Audit to Assurance: Pixelle’s OT Security Triumph with TXOne Security Inspection

Aug 31, 2023

thumbnail-Pixelle OT Security Triumph with TXOne Security Inspection



| The Situation

Paper manufacturer, Pixelle Specialty Solutions, had been requested by their insurance carrier to meet new OT security requirements as part of an audit that would help determine their premiums.


| The Solution

When Pete Long, the IT/OT Efficiency Manager, went looking for a solution, he decided on the TXOne Portable Inspector Pro device as the only solution that would both meet their insurer’s key requirements and provide critical security for their ICS/OT environment.


“TXOne was the first solution we found, and frankly, I couldn’t find much competition,” said Mr. Long. “We explained to the insurance company what the portable security devices did and how they worked. And they basically said, ‘Well, that satisfies our requirements,’ and they checked them off.”



| The Result

In meeting their cybersecurity insurance requirements, Pixelle also protected their automation systems.


Implementation was simple and straightforward for Mr. Long and the Process Automation Team. Pixelle also has secure storage and file transfer capabilities with the Pro version.

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