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Pioneering Adopter of SEMI E187: GPM Takes the Lead in SEMI E187 Compliance with TXOne Security Portfolio

Dec 01, 2023

thumbnail-GPM Takes the Lead in SEMI E187 Compliance with TXOne Security Portfolio



| The Situation

In January 2022, SEMI released the first global cybersecurity standard for semiconductor equipment, SEMI E187, aiming to effectively address potential cyber risks within the semiconductor supply chain. GPM was among the first to respond to client demands for equipment cybersecurity, actively engaging in SEMI E187 compliance efforts.


| The Solution

GPM successfully complied with the SEMI E187 requirements by utilizing TXOne’s Portable Inspector, Stellar, and EdgeIPS to address security inspection, endpoint protection, and network defense, respectively.


“We are delighted to be one of the pioneering suppliers certified by SEMI E187,” said Chungping Liu, Senior Director of GPM.

“TXOne’s product design perfectly meets the demands of industrial control, allowing GPM to maintain high efficiency while achieving compliance.”



| The Result

By implementing the SEMI E187 standard in combination with TXOne products, GPM successfully obtained SEMI E187 professional third-party compliance verification, becoming one of the first global semiconductor equipment suppliers to meet the standard.


Reference reading: TSMC Strengthens “Specification for Cybersecurity of Semiconductor Equipment”, Realizing Mutual Industry Benefits

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