TXOne EdgeOne V2.0 Data Collection Notice

Update Date: 2023/08/08

TXOne EdgeOne V2.0 includes the following modules, which may cause the relevant data to be transmitted to TXOne Networks.

  • Product Registration
  • Pattern and Firmware Updates
  • OT Intelligent Trust

Detailed information and instructions for opting out of the data collection are provided below. Please note that certain data collection may be mandatory and cannot be disabled.

Product Registration

The EdgeOne console connects to the TXOne Networks Online Registration System to check the license status. During this process, the EdgeOne console sends the server’s IP address to the TXOne Networks Online Registration System.

Product Feature Product Registration (License Activation)
Data for Collection · Activation Code (License Key)
· Renewal Activation Code (License Key)
· IP address
Feature Configuration Interface If you do not want to allow TXOne Networks to collect this data, do not use the EdgeOne console.

License Activation

License Renewal

Feature Configuration Location Administration > License




Pattern and Firmware Updates

When users update patterns and firmware, EdgeOne accesses the TXOne cloud for obtaining the latest firmware and pattern files, then downloads them to the EdgeOne local storage.

Product Feature Pattern and Firmware Updates
Data for Collection EdgeOne connects to the TXOne backend cloud for pattern and firmware updates, and on the backend cloud, TXOne collects the following EdgeOne information:
· Src IP
· Hostname
· EdgeOne Product ID
· License Information
Feature Configuration Interface


Feature Configuration Location Administration > Updates




OT Intelligent Trust

When OT Intelligent Trust is enabled, EdgeOne collects the anonymous threat and system information to the TXOne data feedback cloud, allowing TXOne to rapidly identify and address new threats.

Product Feature OT Intelligent Trust
Data for Collection · Device Recognition Info
· Threat Event Info
· EdgeOne System Info
Feature Configuration Interface If you do not want to allow TXOne Networks to collect the data, disable OT Intelligent Trust.

Feature Configuration Location Administration > OT Intelligent Trust