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Trend Micro Portable Security 3 Pro datasheet

Mar 29, 2022

Key Features


Scanning Tool

  • Supports for both Windows and Linux NEW

  • Collects asset information NEW

  • Supports case-sensitive file and folder names in Windows NEW

  • AES-256 encrypted storage for secure file transfer NEW

  • Secures air-gapped systems against threats

  • Ability to delete or quarantine malicious files

  • Multiple malware scanning options

  • Up-to-date malware pattern file updates

  • Supports on-demand scan and boot scan

  • Status notifications with LED

  • Embedded self-security protection

  • Integrated scan logs

  • Supports scheduled operations

  • Friendly graphical user interface


    Management Program

  • Exports asset information to CSV files NEW

  • Support logs export to SIEM or syslog servers NEW

  • Multiple scanning tool management

  • Scan settings configuration and deployment

  • Centralized log view and management

  • Up-to-date malware pattern file updates

  • Supports physical or remote management

  • Advanced administrative settings
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