TXOne Networks presents the EdgeIPS Pro 216 High Port Density IPS Array for advanced OT Core Network Defense

Jun 01, 2022

EdgeIPS™ Pro 216-New cyber defense device for SMB manufacturers

New cyber defense device satisfies the specialized needs of SMB manufacturers

San Francisco/Taipei, May 31, 2022 – TXOne Networks, the global leader of OT zero trust cybersecurity, announced today the release of their OT-native EdgeIPS Pro 216 network appliance. This new iteration of the industry-proven EdgeIPS Pro product family comes in a compact form factor specially designed to support SMB manufacturers in their cybersecurity journey. EdgeIPS Pro 216 deploys flexibly in a cabinet or IT rackmount to suit business scale and security resources, providing revolutionary hardware architecture that enables SMB businesses to enjoy the power of flexible deployment and productivity-based workplace cyber defense.


Today, the digital transformation is in high gear across every vertical and fast-reacting SMB manufacturers are eager for the productivity benefits of secure operational integrity. As the OT/ICS threat landscape transforms rapidly – often in a matter of days – the lack of viable cybersecurity resources is a critical challenge. SMB manufacturers in particular must find network security solutions that can offer unprecedented flexibility, including working well within both centralized and distributed environments and being able to handle long haul operation even in harsh working conditions.


EdgeIPS Pro 216 sets a new standard for OT/ICS networking defense, guaranteeing operational continuity and the unprecedented scalability that SMB manufacturers need. Combining TXOne’s one-pass Deep Packet Inspection (TXODPI) technology with purpose-built hardware, the solutions offer network segmentation with protocol filtering for a wide range of OT protocols.


“As the leader in OT zero trust cybersecurity, TXOne’s solutions continue to evolve with today’s OT/ICS threat landscape to meet the needs of SMB manufacturers,” said Dr. Terence Liu, CEO of TXOne Networks. “EdgeIPS Pro 216 comes ready to guard your facilities against cyberattacks and prevent disruption of day-to-day shop floor operation.”


EdgeIPS Pro 216 is part of TXOne’s award-winning EdgeIPS Pro series. The series was introduced in 2021 to meet the fast-changing needs of smart factory owners running centrally managed or highly-automated factories with multiple production lines. Leaders in the semiconductor and automotive industries immediately put EdgeIPS Pro into wide use protecting their facilities, and it since became a lynchpin in the cyber defensive foundations of many organizations across the world in a wide range of verticals. This led to the development of specialized versions of the EdgeIPS Pro solution, which now make up a series that covers every industrial vertical.


TXOne Networks EdgeIPS Pro 216 delivers advanced new capabilities:


  • Flexible installation: Dual-type power input support (12V DC in and 12-48V terminal block), accommodating both DIN rail mount and server rack installation.


  • Operational resilience: Rugged hardware designed for harsh environments, with a temperature range from -40 °C up to 75 °C. Certifications ready for multiple verticals including Power, Railway, and Maritime. Comes ready with Gen 3 Hardware Bypass and 8 pairs of 16 ports, capable of providing 1.8 Gbps of threat prevention throughput and 12 Gbps of firewall throughput.


  • Long-term defense: Next-generation IPS for OT/ICS, with robust security protection through OT/ICS protocol filtering and streaming-based antivirus. Reduces security risk with network segmentation and shields vulnerable assets with virtual patching.


EdgeIPS Pro 216 comes equipped with eight sets of paired ports, providing 2Gbps of bandwidth with all defensive functions engaged. Virtual patching to shield vulnerable assets is a key demand from OT/ICS assets owners – EdgeIPS Pro 216 extends this protection to another level with streaming-based antivirus scan capabilities. The newest member of the EdgeIPS Pro family will be publicly available worldwide starting this July.


EdgeIPS Pro 216-ICS Network Defense

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