TXOne Networks and ondeso jointly offer improved endpoint cybersecurity and management for industrial plants

Sep 01, 2022

txone ondeso jointly offer improved endpoint cybersecurity and management for industrial plants

International customers benefit from OT/ICS cybersecurity partnership


Eindhoven/Regensburg, September 1, 2022 — TXOne Networks, a global leader in ICS and industrial IoT (IIoT) security, and ondeso, a leading solution provider and software developer for operating and securing IT components in OT infrastructures (Operational Technology) have announced a new partnership. By the means of application filtering, anti-malware, hardening and patching, the combined solutions from TXOne Networks and ondeso provide maximum security for all kinds of OT systems, reducing cybersecurity risks and ensuring business continuity. While the ondeso SR solution focuses on securing, configuring and actively managing applications and operating systems by a controlled patch and update management process, TXOne Networks’ Stellar product family prevents the execution of unwanted or untrusted applications at all.


The combination of ondeso SR and the TXOne Stellar solution family provides a holistic protection and management of OT infrastructures. As the partners and their solutions have already successfully completed various proofs of concept in the automotive, semiconductor and food sector, they are able to predict and eliminate upcoming cybersecurity incidents to provide joint customers with future-proof solutions. Thus, all common maintenance and management tasks can securely be executed by a centralized configuration management through a unique trusted source.


Jointly, the software solutions assure that only trust listed applications can be executed, as well as enabling abnormality detection at dedicated steps in order to monitor suspicious behaviour and intercept misuse (e.g. through monitoring software installation or data exchange). Industrial clients can secure legacy assets with StellarEnforce, secure modernized assets with StellarProtect, and control and manage both on a single pane of glass through the centralized StellarOne management console.


Christophe Strauven, Vice President of Sales Europe at TXOne Networks comments on the new partnership: “We see great demand at global level for industrial cybersecurity solutions from various sectors and we are happy to cooperate with an experienced partner like ondeso. Our modular solutions complement each other, and we share a common philosophy of customer service. Joint customers will benefit from an improved and more comprehensive performance of the complementary solutions and thus a highly secure end-to-end cybersecurity solution in the OT area.”


Thanks to its focus on adaptive ICS/IIoT cybersecurity solutions, TXOne Networks is a pioneer in applying the “Zero Trust Cybersecurity” approach to the needs of OT networks to protect critical industrial IT infrastructures from cyber threats. TXOne Networks’ “OT Zero Trust” approach consists of three phases: segmenting networks, scanning inbound and mobile assets with a portable rapid-scan device, and securing endpoints with defensive solutions tailored to the endpoint’s type (legacy or modernized).


ondeso’s product portfolio ranges from ondeso SR – which offers asset management, patch management, configuration management, software deployment, hardening, endpoint management and disaster recovery – to consulting and implementation of concrete customer projects in industrial environments. Furthermore, ondeso DC ensures a safe use of USB storage devices and limits their use to specified devices and periods. Since the company was founded in 2010, all ondeso products have been developed specifically for the needs of the industrial environment and are designed to serve both plant operators and machine and plant manufacturers.


While patchable endpoints are usually running up-to-date operating systems and modernized applications, patching is generally much more flexible, and integrating new technology or updates is easier. In contrast, un-patchable endpoints often (but not always) are running on legacy operating systems and are much less flexible. Thus, it may be against regulations to modify them, and their applications may be past their EOS (End of Service) date, leaving systems with serious vulnerabilities that cannot be patched. Thanks to the combined solutions, these updates can be installed in a controlled manner.


Peter Lukesch, COO at ondeso explains: “We are looking forward to expanding our partnership with TXOne Networks on a larger scale so that more joint customers will benefit in the future. The direct support from the TXOne Networks product management team in Taiwan has been and continues to be very helpful. Training for TXOne products as well as the necessary configuration, environment, setup, and parameters can now be planned and executed directly between TXOne and us, saving our customers time and manpower. We are able to provide our joint customers with a one-stop-solution for cybersecurity issues, so that they can concentrate on their core areas while we reliably secure their OT assets.”


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TXOne Networks offers cybersecurity solutions that ensure the reliability and safety of industrial control systems and operational technology environments through the OT zero trust methodology. At TXOne Networks, we work together with both leading manufacturers and critical infrastructure operators to develop practical, operations-friendly approaches to cyber defense. TXOne Networks offers both network-based and endpoint-based products to secure the OT network and mission-critical devices in a real-time defense-in-depth manner.


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ondeso develops software specifically in the fields industry 4.0 and digitalisation. No matter whether the client is a production company or a machine manufacturer, a medium sized business or a corporate group – ondeso supports them specifically in the field of IT operating management and security in production. The successfully launched products are suited for all industries and applicable across the entire range of production systems and procedures. Whether management systems, HMIs, or controls – ondeso manages the lifecycle of industry PCs and offers custom fitted products on the highest technological and conceptual level – 100% made in Germany.

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