Echelon SmartServer 2.2 with i.LON Vision 2.2 Use of Hard-coded Credentials Vulnerability



CVE ID CVE-2022-3089
Severity Medium
Affected Vendors EnOcean Edge Inc.
Affected Products EnOcean SmartServer: v2.2 SR8/SP8 (4.12.006) with i.LON Vision v2.2 SR8/SP8 (4.12.006)
Vulnerability Details The affected product, Echelon SmartServer 2.2 with i.LON Vision 2.2, stores cleartext credentials in a file, which could allow an attacker to obtain cleartext usernames and passwords of the SmartServer. If the attacker obtains the file, then the credentials could be used to control the web user interface and file transfer protocol (FTP) server.
Solutions & Rules · Fixed in SmartServer 3.5 Update 2 (v3.52.003)
Credit Chizuru Toyama of TXOne Networks