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Insights Into ICS/OT Cybersecurity 2022

Feb 27, 2023

TXOne Annual Report: Insights Into ICS/OT Cybersecurity 2022

TXOne Networks’ Insights Into ICS/OT Cybersecurity 2022, written in collaboration with research done by Frost & Sullivan, breaks down major developments in cybersecurity of the last year and analyzes how these will affect organizations, governments, and the market in the near future. This report will cover in depth:

  • The expansion of the threat landscape due to IT/OT convergence and new forms of attack, specifically Ransomware as a Service attacks, as well as a look into the current state of organizations’ responses to IT and OT incidents.
  • Driving forces in the cybersecurity market, including regulations that were instated in response to huge cyberattacks that alerted governmental bodies and prompted them to act.
  • A close look at organizations’ postures towards cybersecurity and the movement towards OT-specific solutions rather than recycled IT solutions, as well as future plans for increased OT cybersecurity budgets.



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TXOne Annual Report: Insights Into ICS/OT Cybersecurity 2022
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