Diving into the OT Breach with Patrick Moorhead

Oct 18, 2022

Patrick Moorhead, CEO and Chief Analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy, sat down with TXOne Networks CEO Dr. Terence Liu for The Moor Insights & Strategy Insider Podcast, a series with “the most influential CEOs in the most impactful companies.”  

Cybersecurity is mostly perceived with information technology (IT), but as Dr. Liu explains, operational technology (OT) faces completely different challenges for securing and protecting industrial equipment. Industry 4.0 has been driving the IT OT convergence that was expedited even more by the pandemic and bringing the necessity for OT cybersecurity to the forefront.

Unlike IT which prioritizes confidentiality and ensuring the integrity of the user, OT must prioritize the machine and its availability to keep the operations running. Dr. Liu explains that understanding the fragmented needs and long-term challenges of OT is critical for effective OT cybersecurity.

TXOne Networks is quickly expanding to better research and address this global need by delivering “OT-native” cybersecurity solutions that embody an OT Zero Trust methodology.

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