Exposing 5 Common Myths of OT Cybersecurity

Aug 02, 2023

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ICS security isn’t the same as your IT’s cyber security infrastructure anymore. As originally featured on SecurityWeek, join the TXOne Mythbusters as they expose common misconceptions surrounding the security of Operational Technology (OT) and dive into the evolving threat landscape. By unveiling the realities of OT cybersecurity, we can cut through the noise and understand the many challenges associated with protecting critical infrastructure and industrial environments.


During this presentation, we will:

  • Uncover common myths surrounding OT/ICS security and digital safety
  • Gain a clearer understanding of the risks and consequences that OT systems face in today’s interconnected world.
  • Learn practical strategies to secure OT/ICS systems



  • Austen Byers, Technical Director, Americas at TXOne Networks
  • Dave Purdy, OT Cybersecurity Specialists, Americas at TXOne Networks
  • Moderator: Mike Lennon at SecurityWeek


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