[On-Demand Webinar] TW-NL Cyber Opportunity Webinar

Jun 19, 2020


In the era of globalization, as the international division of labor goes deeper, the industrial development shifts from “manufacturing economy to service economy” and “from hardware manufacturing to soft manufacturing.” The manufacturing industry aims to enhance its international competitiveness with the added value created by the service industry. As a major producer of global ICT products, Taiwan plays an important role in the security industry supply chain during the China-U.S. trade war. It is high time Taiwan develops “Internet of Things Security” and “Secure Internet of Things” with its complete semiconductor industry supply chain. To grasp this opportunity, Taiwanese manufacturers are striving to become not only product suppliers but also cyber security solution providers by taking advantage of the global cyber security research and development. By offering products with distinguishing cyber security functions to customers based on their needs, Taiwanese manufacturers are expecting to create higher added value.


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