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In-Depth Analysis of Cyber Threats to Automotive Factories

Apr 27, 2023

Our in-depth report delves into the diverse cyber threats that automotive factories face and provides effective strategies for mitigating them. Our goal is to help readers comprehend the risks inherent in the factory environment and the potential consequences when attackers exploit these vulnerabilities, leading to substantial losses for businesses.

In this essential report, gain insights into the most recent cyber threats impacting the automotive manufacturing sector. Topics covered include:

  • A retrospective analysis of automotive industry cybersecurity attack incidents in 2022
  • An overview of digital transformation and architectural changes in automotive manufacturing plants
  • In-depth threat analysis of automotive factories
  • Implementing an OT Zero Trust approach for fortified automotive factory security


To assist businesses in defending against these risks, we have compiled a comprehensive guide detailing best practices for cybersecurity in the automotive industry. Our approach simplifies compliance with cybersecurity regulations, fortifies the resilience of networks and endpoints, and minimizes disruptions to machine operations on the production line.

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