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OT Zero Trust Drives Automobile Quality

Sep 02, 2022

OT Zero Trust Drives Automobile Quality

Geared towards automakers, this white paper gives an overview of the dangers cyber crime poses to automotive industries and explains how these bad actors can be thwarted by using the OT Zero Trust four cornerstones. It also explains how segmentation provides traffic control of data and commands and highlights the advantages of having a suite of security devices that can work on a 24×7 basis.


OT Zero Trust Drives Automobile Quality details

  • The WannaCry and EKANS cyber attacks, how they were carried out and how they differ from their predecessors.
  • A new cyber attack surface that can be exploited in the future, in digital twin technology.
  • How you can use the four cornerstones (inspect, lockdown, segment and reinforce) to protect your enterprise.
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