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Oct 20, 2020

ICS systems are under attack every day from newly-developed threats and newly-discovered vulnerabilities. Because of this, our threat researchers are always creating intelligence on emergent threats and vulnerabilities affecting industrial networks and assets. Threat researchers create the foundations of global industrial safety, fortify the defenses of protective systems, and safeguard the internet. Because cyber-espionage is the most active front in modern conflict, global efforts like these have never been more important.


This “outward-gazing” aspect of our knowledge base is created and maintained by ‘threat researchers’. They work closely with our more more “inward-gazing”, product-oriented ‘signature researchers’, who leverage related intel to ensure that our protective solutions are able to protect work sites from threats and vulnerabilities as soon as possible after their discovery. Different branches of threat research between TXOne Networks and Trend Micro frequently share research, though usually these exchanges are passive.


In simple terms, threat researchers look for problems in industrial assets like HMIs, SCADA, or cyber-physical systems, as well as branching out to any areas of potential cyber risk that our TXOne Networks solutions must safeguard. While threat researchers collect malware, they have a variety of topics to work with, including data breaches and leaks – the only limitation is that their work focus will always involve ICS or cyber-physical security.


TXOne Networks’ suite of OT security products leverages the latest in threat research to prevent cyber-attacks and factory compromises, keeping the operation running. Our Edge Series’ ability to identify and work with a wide range of protocols, as well as our ability to provide cutting-edge information on the latest cyber threat incidents, are just two examples of the work our team of threat researchers is doing every day.

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