The most up-to-date virus signatures are crucial to threat defense

Oct 26, 2020

Virus signatures, usually just called ‘signatures’, are one of the most crucial pieces of threat defense. This number, created from a piece of text, allows viruses to be uniquely identified. Creating these unique viral fingerprints requires our signature researchers to have a meticulous understanding of current information. For this reason, they are totally focused on in-depth vulnerability knowledge.


TXOne Networks’ threat intelligence force works 24/7 to gather information about the development, progress, and activity of IoT and ICS threats. Our signature researchers work together with many different organizations to keep the most up-to-date resources, always pursuing the most cutting-edge information about vulnerabilities, malware, and malicious exploits. With that information they write signatures and patches to constantly perfect and re-perfect our defenses. This allows us to provide the resilient security necessary for EdgeFireEdgeIPS, and EdgeIPS Pro to consistently repel modern cyber threats.


Our researchers are also buffered and supported in their work by the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI). ZDI tracks and facilitates defense against brand-new or “zero day” vulnerabilities while keeping such information from falling into the wrong hands before the proper defensive measures can be taken. ZDI’s meticulous documentation of vulnerabilities allows us to provide necessary shielding even more quickly, and nearly always before the vulnerability becomes common knowledge.


Our signature researchers frequently use ZDI information in the creation of their signatures. This is ideal because ZDI receives real and immediate information from a variety of sources all over the world, organizing and categorizing it to make it more efficient to leverage. They take in all different kinds of firsthand information, and even independent researchers take the time to report vulnerabilities to ZDI.


Through TXOne Networks’ EdgeFire, EdgeIPS, and EdgeIPS Pro, you can witness this defensive technology in action and employ it to keep your own factory production line running without interruption.


More on signatures here.

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