Come and see us at the TXOne Networks booth and showcase for FIC Cybersecurity for Industry 2021

Aug 31, 2021

The French cybersecurity Forum International de la Cybersécurité (FIC) is a unique space for innovation and discovery in cyber defense, which is why our parent company Trend Micro makes a point of attending regularly. We’re excited to announce that this year TXOne Networks will also be in attendance to take part in FIC’s new event ‘Cybersecurity for Industry’ (Sept. 7 – 9), which is dedicated to safeguarding industrial work sites from the fast-evolving cyber threats of today and tomorrow. Visitors to TXOne’s booth and showcase will get a first-hand overview of the current threat landscape and how our solutions secure work sites with a special focus on operational integrity.


FIC’s spotlight on industrial cybersecurity serves as yet another indication of the growing awareness in OT stakeholders that, in the face of attackers creating more versatile targeted threats every day, cybersecurity must be considered as a matter of foremost attention. Such attackers create threats designed to maximize pressure on stakeholders and extract larger ransoms as quickly as possible. They’re willing to accomplish this by any means, including catastrophic disruption or even endangering human lives.


While preventing such incidents is certainly a priority, work sites must also focus on productivity, safety, and availability, all of which can suffer if chosen cybersecurity solutions aren’t built to accommodate them from the ground up. The IT/OT convergence has led to greater convenience and productivity but has also been an inroad for the recent rise in the frequency and effectiveness of targeted attacks, as the benefits of high connectivity and automation are as capable of serving the ends of intruders as they are of serving organizations.


TXOne Networks is pleased to stand together with FIC to face up to today’s rapidly-evolving cyber threats and create safer work sites and facilities across the globe. 2021’s FIC and Cybersecurity for Industry event will be running from September 7th to 9th.

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