NESIC now provides TXOne Networks solutions to protect work sites from cyber crime

Sep 02, 2021

NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation (NESIC) has begun providing TXOne Networks’ EdgeFire and EdgeIPS as part of their initiative to provide better protection to factory networks. The experts at NESIC provide clients with optimized work sites and technology with their systems integration and support services. We’re delighted to be a part of their vision for a more secure internet with a streamlined, minimized workload for security specialists.


As intruders methodically develop more and more destructive targeted attacks in order to extort larger ransoms faster, modern factories are under more cyber risk than ever before. Flat networks, OSes and assets past their end-of-service date or running without the latest patches, and protocols with inherent security flaws are all factors that give would-be attackers a large number of potential springboards for attacks. Furthermore, the traditional cybersecurity measures that were once considered standard can seriously interfere with productivity or availability.


EdgeFire and EdgeIPS are tailored to block the cyber attacks that threaten work sites while generating logs that are easy for the security operations center to search and reference, empowering the creation of superior responses to incidents. Network segmentation makes it harder for threats to spread or for intruders to move in your network while virtual patch technology, native to the Edge series, secures the vulnerabilities of legacy and unpatched assets with no changes to the asset.

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