TXOne makes Enterprise Security Magazine’s APAC top 10 enterprise security solution companies for 2020

Jan 12, 2021

We’re pleased to announce that TXOne Networks has had the honor of being listed in Enterprise Security Magazine’s top 10 companies offering enterprise security solutions! You can find us in their December 2020 issue, which includes interviews with CIOs and CXOs where they share their insight into recent changes and best practices. Our CEO, Dr. Terence Liu, has even found his way onto the cover of this issue.


This recognition would not have come without the hard work of our threat researchers, designers, engineers, and the other experts who work hard to reduce global cyber risk. With threats emerging every day, enterprise security solutions must be consistently adapted and improved – resilient solutions are essential, and such resilience can only come from the around-the-clock work and preparation of threat specialists and engineers. We’re deeply honored by this recognition of our team’ hard work.


We’re expecting to see a host of new cybersecurity solutions in 2021 – especially those using AI to identify the differences between routine work processes and the behavior of intruders. Similarly, threat actors are likely to up their game, searching for ways to trick or mislead those AI. Additional defenses, for example various forms of multi-factor authentication, will become more common and more essential, as well as up-to-date and regular Security Awareness Education (SAE) for team members.


It’s a certainty that the coming year will bring inventive and adaptive threats, and that threat actors will continue to develop bold new ways to take advantage of discovered vulnerabilities. Security officers will have their hands full identifying and securing attack vectors, and the global threat intelligence community will continue to collaborate and innovate to make that job easier. For 2021, we’ll continue to work hard to consistently secure work sites, eliminate cyber risk, and reinforce the stability of critical infrastructure.


Learn more about the most up-to-date cyber defense and how to prepare for 2021 here.


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