TXOne Networks Solutions take the spotlight as Enterprise Security Magazine’s December cover story

Jan 19, 2021

Last week, we shared our delight at being recognized by Enterprise Security Magazine as one of the APAC top 10 enterprise security solution companies for 2020. Did we mention that we also had the good fortune to be last month’s cover story? With the ongoing merge of IT and OT systems, industrial control systems are increasingly exposed to cyber risk and increased attention from threat actors. With that comes an increase in the necessity of reliable, resilient solutions that are consistently maintained by dedicated specialists.


All highly automated industries are targets, especially those with a reliance on legacy assets or that must follow stringent industry-specific regulations. Threat actors are learning more and more about the unique traits of each vertical that they will attack, in recent years even able to break into industry-specific protocol-based unleashing specialized threats uniquely designed to exploit each vertical every day. In short, ‘security by obscurity’ is no longer what it once was, if it exists at all.


Enterprise Security’s cover story was kind enough to lay out the different network- and endpoint-based solutions we provide, and how they offer full security even in the case of a breach. They go on to talk about some of the lynchpin principles behind our efforts: network segmentation, OT-focused technology, and dedication to threat defense expertise. They’ve even been so good as to share some of the exciting news about our upcoming industrial endpoint protection solution, StellarOne. You can also learn more about our current collection of security offerings – the Edge series (EdgeIPS, EdgeIPS Pro, and EdgeFire), Trend Micro Portable Security 3, and Safe Lock.


Check out the cover story here.

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